Join a Securities Class Action

Pursuant to federal legislation enacted in 1996 and judicial interpretation of that legislation, to initiate an action for violations of the federal securities laws a plaintiff must complete a Certification and file the Certification either with a complaint or lead plaintiff motion. In deciding who is to be lead plaintiff, preference is given to the party or parties who have the most at stake in the litigation, i.e., the party with greatest losses. The lead plaintiff is obligated to oversee the litigation and the attorneys he/she or it selects as its counsel. By design the legislation is intended to promote a close working relationship between lead counsel and lead plaintiff. If you wish to become a lead plaintiff, please fill out the Certification below.

The certificate shown below is available in PDF format. To view and print the PDF file, click here. Upon completion, please fax to 212-213-9405. If you have any questions, please call us at 212-213-6222.


I, ___________________________, certify that:

1. I have reviewed the complaint and authorized its filing or the filing of a Motion for Lead Plaintiff on my behalf by Bull & Lifshitz, LLP.

2. I did not purchase the security that is the subject of this action at the direction of plaintiff’s counsel or in order to participate in any private action arising under this title.

3. I am willing to serve as a representative party on behalf of a class and will testify at deposition and trial, if necessary.

4. My transactions in _____________________ securities that are the subject of this litigation during the class period set forth in the complaint are as follows:

Security Date of Transaction Number of Shares
Stating Whether
Purchased(P) or Sold(S)
Price Per Share

5. I have not served as or sought to serve as a representative party on behalf of a Class under this title during the last three years.

6. I will not accept any payment for serving as a representative party, except to receive my pro rata share of any recovery or as ordered or approved by the court including the award to a representative of reasonable costs and expenses (including lost wages) directly relating to the representation of the class.

The foregoing are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and correct statements.

Name ____________________ ____________________
Address __________________________________________________
Day Phone # ____________________
Home Phone # ____________________